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About this project

As an initial member of Fello's design team, I nurtured an artistic connection with our audience through the distinct design dialect I masterminded in collaboration with the renowned agency, Liquid Ink. The 2nd prototype of the product was designed under my preview along with Liquid Ink, post which the company raised a seed funding of $4 Million. This initial user research contributed in making our social media posts look great, creating immersive in-app experiences, and made our website look unique and visually appealing.

Role : Sr. Graphic Designer

Period : June, 2022 - Sept, 2023

Category : Fintech

Team : 7 members

Project Overview


  • Lack of Incentives for Saving: Encouraging a savings habit by offering rewards and incentives, making it more attractive for individuals to save money.
  • Effortless Financial Management: Simplifying the process of managing finances and saving for users who prefer not to dedicate excessive time and effort while still achieving competitive returns.
  • Gamification of Savings: Transforming the typically tedious task of saving and investing into an engaging and enjoyable experience, recognizing that many users within this age group enjoy games and seek a more accessible approach to financial planning.


  • Playful Design: Create an engaging, user-friendly app, website, and social media content with a playful vibe.
  • Consistent Branding: Ensure a unified visual identity across all channels (app, social media, website) for brand recognition.
  • Gamified Experience: Make saving and investing enjoyable through gamification elements like progress bars, badges, and rewards to make saving and investing enjoyable and habit-forming.
  • Trust and Transparency: Provide clear, trustworthy information on savings and investments.

Research Phase

Design Strategy

Design Strategy

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

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Final solution

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