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Pranjal Singh

Senior Graphic Designer

Every brand has stories to tell—stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. And I am the conduit between brand and consumer.

Expertise: Branding | Graphic Designing | Animation | Video Editing

Experience: 6+ Years

E-mail: work.pranjal24@gmail.com

Personal Experience

A seasoned and creative Senior Graphic Designer with a passion for transforming ideas into stunning visual masterpieces. With 6+ years of professional experience in the design industry, I have consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity, delivering exceptional design solutions that captivate audiences and drive results.

What sets me apart is my ability to merge artistic flair with strategic thinking. I understand that design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about conveying a message, telling a story, and influencing perception. But it's not just about technical prowess; it's about a deep understanding of the power of design to convey messages, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impact.

As a senior graphic designer, I have not only mastered the latest design software and trends but also excels in project management, team collaboration, and client communication. I thrive under tight deadlines and embrace new challenges with enthusiasm, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations.

Welcome to the world of design. Welcome to DPicso.


  • Graphic Designing
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Video Editing
  • Social Media Management
  • UI/UX | Web Design


  • VIT University
  • B.Tech - Computer Science (2014 - 2018)
  • Scored 8.1 CGPA

Clients & Projects

  • Fello Technologies
  • Amazon India
  • Scripbox
  • Unacademy
  • Cropin
  • Hammoq
  • cure.fit
  • Frizzon Productions

Branding Design

Meticulously crafts and refines your brand identity to leave an indelible mark on your target audience.


Bringing imagination to life, turning concepts into visually captivating and engaging artwork

Graphic Design

Combining creativity and precision to deliver visually stunning and effective solutions for all your design needs


Adding motion and life to your ideas, making complex concepts easy to understand and engaging for your audience

Video Editing

Transforming raw footage into compelling, polished narratives that captivate and resonate with your viewers

Website Design

Enhances user experiences through intuitive design, ensuring seamless interactions and leaving a lasting positive impression

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